Spencer Pierce Consulting specializes in the following services:

  • Sales & Use Tax Auditing
  • Unemployment Tax Audits
  • Communications Service Tax
  • State Corporate Income Tax
  • Global Resource Management
  • Management Search Consulting

We provide live (phone and in-person) tax advisory services in our specialty areas for all fifty states.

We have experience with many industries including airline, construction, oil & gas, hospitality, restaurants, retail, telecommunication, transportation, health and financial services.

Our trained tax experts will assist you in answering your questions. We are happy to say we are among the very few companies that can provide you with experts that you can talk to directly about any tax issue.


  1. Assist you in choosing sample months.
  2. Compile invoices, fixed assets listings and exempt certificates.
  3. Represent your company throughout the audit.
  4. Protest the audit (when required) with supporting documentation.
  5. Act as a liaison between your company and State Revenue departments.
  6. Minimize your tax liabilities while maximizing your tax refunds.
  7. Periodically check your sales records for refund opportunities.
  8. Conduct a 30 Point Tax Analysis to check sales, fixed assets, lease agreements, intangible tax, income tax, use tax, accrued tax, and other tax liabilities for all fifty states.

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